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Added by : alteffseven (06 Apr 2017)
Wow. This is a fantastic story of love, loss, struggle, and rediscovery... innnn spaaaaace! Half-assed movie comparison: it's like _Deep Impact_ meets _Armageddon_ meets _The Martian_ meets _Gravity_. But waaay better. And a book.
Don't be put off by the length! If you read (or gave up on) Cryptonomicon (or one of the other thousand-page tomes that Stephenson is famous for), and were annoyed by the slow-moving plot and back pain from lifting the damn thing, give this book a try. Parts 1 and 2 fly by. (3 dragged a little, but it was vividly descriptive.)
PS: Thanks, guys, this site is awesome! Read on.
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